First blog on the new website

We are at home, rehearsing for the new songs for tour. Just thought we'd take the time to write a blog about the new album.

Exits & All the Rest is probably the rawest album we’ve made so far. We recorded on analog for the first time. It is definitely a progression for us. I think we are becoming very comfortable in the studio now. We have a lot more confidence in what we are doing and we are a lot more vocal about what we want.

We recorded in Austin, TX with Mike McCarthy. We played live together and Nina went in for her overdubs after. It was the first time we cut songs as a band instead of recording our instruments separately. We also did songs in a few takes. Just a lot of vibing and chemistry going on in the studio, which we hope you can hear in this record.

The year we were writing and making Exits & All the Rest was a very emotional one for us. Each of us had different personal things and changes happening. We grew as a band and we grew as people and I think you can hear this on the record. Jenn came up with the title for Exits & All the Rest. It has a lot to do with the year we went through. There are always ways out of anything and then there is dealing with all the rest.

“Sly” is one of our favorite songs on the album right now. It’s a new sound for us. “Smart” is one of our favorites as well. At first Jenn and I (Phanie) were not into it. We thought it was way to poppy. Now its one of our favorite songs. It just molded itself into our brains. It reminds us of Echo and the Bunnymen . Just good vibes. “Adjust” is fun to play live because of the dynamics. “Mother's Lullaby” has a lot of deep meaning to it. Family is very important to us…and this is our song to them.

We hope you enjoy this record as much as we do. It is definitely now our favorite album yet and we are looking forward to playing the songs live.